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ILFE Toolkit: Afghanistan

ILFE Toolkit: Indonesia

EENET Asia newsletter - 2nd issue

EENET asia Newsletter - Second issue - April 2006

“… inclusive and child friendly education should be seen as:


Quote from Rabindranath Tagore
Editorial: International Symposium - A Glimpse
Food for Thought ...
What is in a Name? Labels and Terminologies Regarding Disabilities and Special Educational Needs: A Continuing Concern
Let this Happy Childhood Last
The National Curriculum Framework 2005
ILO Study on Attitudes to Child Labour and Education in Indonesia
Children of the Destroyed Paradise: Can We Take Education to Them?
Towards Inclusive Education in Indonesia
Opportunities for Vulnerable Children: Early Intervention and Education
One in Ten!
Practice And Do not be Afraid
Children Say What Makes a Good Teacher
Fighting the Stigma and Discrimination against People Infected of Affected by HIV and AIDS
Exclusion of Girls from Education in Rural Pakistan
An Experience of Emergency Preparedness Planning in Early Learning Centers
Girls' Education in South Asia: Breaking the Cycle of Disparity, UNGEI - United Nations Girls' Education Initiative
Send-off and Arrivals at UNESCO Bangkok
Inclusion on the Child Friendly School Concept into Formal Teacher Education in Bhutan
Child Friendly Tent-School for Refugee Children in Pakistan
EENET Asia Interview: Sign-Language Development - An Inclusion and Rights' Issue

UNESCO organises the first Pacific Region Workshop on Inclusive Education: 23-25 November 2005 in Samoa
Child Helpline 129 Introduced in Indonesia
Child Friendly Syariah School: A Family Adventure
Focusing Resources on Effective School Health - FRESH - Achieving Education or All
World AIDS Day and HIV/AIDS Jamboree for School Children in Jakarta, Indonesia

ICEVI World Conference

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