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EENET Asia newsletter - 3rd issue

EENET asia Newsletter - Third issue - November 2006

“In a school moving Towards Inclusion quality education should be provided in a child and learning friendly environment, where diversity is experienced, embraced and recognised as enrichment for all involved. Curricula, and teaching approaches and methods should be characterised by emphasising social aspects of learning, dialogue, sensitivity to children’s needs and interests, sharing - rather than competing and creative and flexible teachers and classroom management. All children, also children experiencing barriers to learning, development and participation, including children with disabilities, have the right for quality education in a school that is close to their home and a class that suits their age”


Editorial: Reflections on effective Teaching and Classroom Management
EENET Open Meetings
Inclusive Education in China
Inclusion and the Right to Education: A Case Study from Bandung, West Java
Knowing how to Teach
Creating Child Friendly Communities in Mountainous Ethnic Minority Areas of Vietnam
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Assessing the Status of Education: A Collective Action with a Difference
Enabling Primary Education in Rural Bhutan - A Visual Journey
Is Poverty a Seedbed for Child Labour?
Embracing Diversity - Toolkit on Creating Inclusive, Learning-Friendly Environments [ILFE]: Two New Booklets
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Education Sector Response to HIV and AIDS in Indonesia
Enabling Education for Internally Displaced Children: in Sri Lanka

12th ICEVI World Conference 16th-21st July, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Human Rights Institutions in Asia-Pacific Call for Realisation of EFA
National Conference on Inclusion and Special Needs Education in Islamabad
Workshop on Inclusive and Child Friendly Education in Musi Banyuasin
National Seminar on Inclusive and Child Friendly Schools

Regional Workshop on Inclusive Education and Child-Friendly Schools, New Delhi, India
The 10th APEID International Conference: Learning Together for Tomorrow Education for Sustainable Development

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