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EENET Asia newsletter - 4th issue

EENET asia Newsletter - Fourth issue - June 2007

"We believe that no school can be inclusive unless it is child-friendly and no school can be child-friendly unless it is inclusive."


From including learners with disabilities to wider issues of social inclusion, Child Friendly Schools [CFS] and Rights-Based Approaches [RBA] to education …
EENET Asia Strategy
Guest Editorial: The Rights-Based Approach to Education
Inclusive Education in India: A Lot of Talk But Not Enough Action?
One by One
I need mor Child-Friendly Schools in my District
Education Sector Reform, EFA and Equal Opportunities for Quality Education in Balochistan
Physical Accessibility & Education
Study on Child Abuse: India 2007
Why we need HIV and AIDS Prevention Education in Lao PDR
Inclusive School Design: Lombok, Indonesia
Eye Health Care as a Preriquesite for Successful Inclusion
     Why access to (eye) health care is a must for successful and more inclusive educational approaches: Examples      from India and Nepal
     PERTUNI Low Vision Units - The Right of Children to Quality Low Vision Services
The Story of A Strong Desire for Education
Social Exclusion and the Right to Quality Education Education - Some Critical Reflections
The Animal School: A Fable
Japanese Schools - Towards an Inclusive Debate
Empowering Teachers to Advocate for Inclusion
Inclusive and Rights-Based Approaches to Education: an Example of Good Practice from Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam
Education for All in an Inclusive Setting in Islamabad - Pakistan
Braille as an Instrument for Learning
EENET Asia Interview

Regional Workshop on Inclusive and Child Friendly Education

Indigenous Education and Knowledge Transmission
Moving Towards Mother Language Education for Indigenous Children in Bangladesh
EFA in an Inclusive Setting in Indonesia

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