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EENET Asia newsletter - 5th issue

EENET asia Newsletter - Fifth issue - 4th Quarter 2007 / 1st Quarter 2008

"Inclusive communities and inclusive schools fully recognise the equal rights of all children to quality education together with their siblings and peers in their local school. Such communities and schools recognise that inclusion benefits all children. They realise that diversity among students is a resource that benefits rather than hinders learning. Inclusion will therefore make communities and schools better for all: children, teachers and communities."



From the Editors: Pedagogical Processes in Classrooms Must Change. Teachers are not just Responsible for Teaching a Curriculum … They Must Teach Children.
Guest Editorial: School Leadership Professional Development in Cambodia
The Role of a Hemophilia Care Foundation in Helping People with Special Health Care Needs
World Federation of Hemophilia and National Members
Helping People, Help Themselves
Children’s Voices from Tajikistan ...
Developing Inclusive Education Systems
The Right to Education for Persons with Disabilities: Towards Inclusion - A Flagship under the Education for All Programme
School-Based Child-Led Disaster Risk Reduction in Thailand
Enabling Education for Children with Hearing Impairments
Teacher Education in Karen State, Burma [Myanmar]
Mahesh's Passport to Success ... BRAILLE
Education for All in an Inclusive Setting in Islamabad - Pakistan - Part 2
How Do We Learn Together? A Practice of Inclusion in Japan
Save the Children Education Activities in Tajikistan
Go, Tell the Story, Sing a Song
Continuing Issues in the Sri Lankan Education System
Case Study: A Problem Situation and A Request for Advice
UNESCO - Teacher Education Manual on HIV and AIDS Prevention and Response
EENET Asia Interview

South Asia Regional Education Policy Meeting

Training on Minimum Standard for Education in Emergencies, Chronic Crises, and Early Reconstruction
Sub-Regional Workshop on Expanding Teacher Education on HIV and AIDS

Handbooks on Student-Centred and Inclusive Teaching
Global Campaign for Education - Global Action Week

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