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ILFE Toolkit: Afghanistan

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EENET Asia newsletter - 6th issue

EENET asia Newsletter - 2nd and 3rd Quarter 2008

"The goal of education for All can only be achieved if authorities, schools and communities recognize their legal and moral responsibility towards All Children."
UNESCO National Commission for Malaysia


From the Editors
Guest Editorial: Early Childhood Education - The Foundation for Life!
Enabling Education in Conflict-affected Countries: Rebuilding for Inclusiveness and Relevance
Taking Care of Children is Taking Care of Our Future
Pupil Voices on Inclusion from a BRAC School
Writing for EENET
Non-Attendance in Eastern Indonesia
What is the Purpose of Education?
Now They Respect Me ...
Promoting Child Participation in Mountainous States in North-East India
Defectology - Friend or Foe? The Relationship Between Defectology and Inclusion
Inclusive Education - Need of the Hour
Professional Teacher Standards to Enhance [E-] Quality of Education
Inter-Agency Collaboration in the Education of Children with Disabilities in Cambodia
David - A Fountain of Inspiration
Social Inclusion Starts at School: Children Who Learn Together, Learn to Live Together
My Dream ...
Why Should Do We Have a Separate Special Education System?
The Lao Inclusive Education Project 1993-2008
Educators’ Perceptions about Resources Needed for Effective School Health on Government Schools in Pakistan
Movies that Educate Us
EENET Asia Interview

Round Table Discussion on “Inclusive Education: Problems and the Search for Solutions”
Assitive Technology Conference: Techshare India 2008
Second International Conference on Language Development, Language Revitalization and Multilingual Education in Ethnolinguistic Communities
A Glimpse of Continuous Professional Training for Brunei Teachers
Asia-Pacific Regional Preparatory Conference for the 48th Session of the International Conference on Education [ICE]
South Asia EFA Mid-Term policy Review Conference

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